The initial shutdown for Covid-19 was regrettable but necessary to allow for the time needed to understand the virus and how to deal with it’s potential threat to life. At that time it was supported by both parties. As the country and state response to the virus started to show success, politics took over. Factual information was clouded and flavored to support political biases. We the people are now unable to determine the best course to follow. The one thing that we do know is the children are suffering with no end in sight, and debt that is accumulating will also fall on their shoulders and limit their future.

We need reasoned voices that are responsive to the people instead of the current manage by edict. We need to provide accurate information that does not take advantage of people’s fears and concerns, but provides them with a way to determine what is best for their community, their children, their jobs, and the most vulnerable population.

As an engineer who has had to make tough compromises to create workable solutions and products, I know how to accomplish optimal, although never perfect, solutions to this problem and similar problems. Partisan politics will never be the solution.