Why Harold is running for Secretary of State


There are two major issues that I need to help correct.

Elections: Free and fair elections are at the core of a representative democracy.  CT elections are becoming less free and fair.  Most of the changes to the election process in the name of increasing voter turnout are creating a system that is easier to manipulate and more difficult to replace incumbents.  Voters complain that there is no difference in the candidates and that their votes have no meaning.  As an example, in 2020 election, in the House of Representatives 24 of 151 candidates had not opponent. and in the State Senate 4 of 36 candidates had no opponent.  More than 4 out of every 10 voters are not affiliated with a political party yet two parties make all the rules.

  • Solution: Laws and procedures must be changed to make it easier for candidates to get on the ballot.  Unaffiliated and minor party candidates like Green Party, Independent Party, Libertarian Party and Working Family Party must have access equivalent to the Democrat Party and the Republican Party. 

2019 Private Sector Job Growth

Economy: CT had an economy that was the envy of the world. CT was the mecca of opportunity. That is why I came to CT. Over the past 40 years we have been living on the legacy of our past accomplishments while creating rules and regulations that stifle innovation and progress. We have been unable to recover the jobs lost during one recession before we are hit by another. We educate our children and watch them leave the state for better opportunities.

  • Solution: Eliminate redundant and ineffective regulations. Lower or eliminate taxes and fees on all businesses instead of providing tax breaks and incentives to a few favored or politically connected businesses.

Political Party Logos

Why Harold is running for Secretary of State as a Libertarian

It would be easier to run under the banner of Republican or Democrat, but that would not solve the problem that the two party system has created in our country. Both parties have staked out their positions and are unwilling to compromise for the good of the people. The individual elected officials of those major parties have little control since they must align themselves with party leadership if they want to get elected and if they want to be assigned to the committees of their choice.

To move the state forward the voters need more choices that match their views. There are a number of minor parties that offer the voters those choices but they can not get noticed under the current system. Election law has been established to protect the two party system and keep them in control of our lives.

I have become a Libertarian because I can relate best to their principles and the Libertarian party is best suited to challenge the two party strangle hold in CT and the country.

Harold S. Harris’ Qualifications for Secretary of State

The duties of the Secretary of State of CT can be summarized as the management of CT’s records, business filings and fees, and the election process.

Record keeping: I am an Engineer.  Maintaining records of all design, development and manufacturing activities is essential to product safety and financial liability. I have the skill to ensure that we use the latest technology to protect our data against accidents and criminal activity including Cyber and EMI attacks.

Business fillings and fees: I have owned a business in CT since 1994.  I understand how these filings and fees adversely affect our business community.  These costs fall heaviest on the small business that do not have a voice in the legislature.  I will be their voice.

Voting process:  I have been a poll worker for over 12 years.  Most of those years I have been the moderator (person responsible for all activity) at one of the polling stations in Glastonbury.  I have also preformed election audits, recounts and voter machine certifications.  In addition to my public service, I have also worked on numerous campaigns, ballot access petitioning, and been the treasure for a number of state and local races.  I was also a candidate for State Senate. I want to improve the voting process so that access to the ballot is not limited to a two-party system that strongly favors the incumbent.     


Harold S. Harris

Born in Iowa in 1946. Graduated from:

  • Burlington Iowa Community College with an Associates Degree in Engineering in 1966.
  • Iowa State University with a Bachelors in Science in Aerospace Engineering in 1969.
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering Design Option in 1976. Thesis: “The Design of a Device for the Utilization of Solar Energy for the Purpose of Domestic Heating.”
Harold S. Harris Family

Married Kathleen Coltvet 1971. We have three children, identical twin daughters, Laura and Michelle and a son Brian. All three graduated from Glastonbury High School and The University of Connecticut. We have eight grandchildren.

Jet Airplane

Joined Pratt & Whitney in 1969 as a Mechanical Design Engineer. Held a variety of supervisory and management positions before retiring in 2002 from the position of Customer Service Manager for Japan Airlines.

Plastics and Concepts

Purchased a plastic injection molding company in 1994. After retiring from Pratt & Whitney I took over the full time management of this company: Plastics and Concepts of Connecticut, Inc. (see PlasticsandConcepts.com) headquarters located in Glastonbury, CT.

Professional Engineer: Connecticut Lic. # PEN.0010733

Community Service
Glastonbury resident since 1973

Glastonbury Diamond Lake Association: Past President, Vice President, and Treasurer

Diamond Lake

Glastonbury Pack 40 Cub Scout Master & Troop 540 Assistant Boy Scout Master: 1989 through 1998

Pack 40 Cub Scouts

Troop 540 Boy Scouts
Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors: 2006 through 2011


Connecticut Business and Industry, Manufacturers Advisory Council: 2002 through Present

Town of Glastonbury Seal

Town of Glastonbury, CT: Commission of Economic Development: 2012 to Present

Vote Button Image

Election Official: Asst. Registrar of Voters, Election Moderator 2010 to Present

Scribes Institute Committed to Child Literacy, STEAM learning, Foreign Language Studies & Child Advocacy​ (thescribesinstitute.org): Member of the Board and Science instructor since 2020