Thank you for your article on the secretary of state in today’s Courant.  I am seeking secretary of state on the Libertarian ballot line. 

The secretary of state office is as much about the business environment in CT as it is the election process.  I have watched as the business environment has suffered in CT during my 33 years working as an engineer and manager at Pratt & Whitney, my experience as an owner of a small manufacturing business in CT since 1994, my 10 plus years on the CBIA manufacturing council and as a board member of the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.  I know what needs to be done to revitalize our economy and create meaningful jobs.  In addition, I have spent over 10 years as an election official in the town of Glastonbury.  I have worked at every position at the polls and I have participated in election audits, recounts and machine validation.  I know what is important to ensure election integrity and maximize participation in elections.  Glastonbury has one of the highest voter turnouts in every election.  I have run for office and I have been a treasurer and campaign worker for other office seekers in the democrat, republican and libertarian parties. 

Thank you for reading this information.  Please keep my candidacy in mind for future articles on this matter.