The philosophy of yin and yang is a concept that describes how opposite forces may actually be interdependent in the natural world.  As humans we have this conflict within us.  It is natural for us to be both good and bad.  It is our brain that controls this conflict.  We do not need to be equally good and bad.  The lyrics of a song explain how to control these forces, “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, don’t mess with mister in between”.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that accentuates the negative and that brings out our anger.  How do we change this?  When I was struggling in college 50 plus years ago, I learned what worked for me.   I found that when I was upset or felt sorry for myself, I would listen to music that fit that mood.  Then I discovered that if I listen to up beat music it improved my mood.  I took that knowledge to heart and only listened to inspirational songs.  Music is not the only means to this end.  Other things that effect our mood are: the people we associate with, the news we consume, the books we read, and the movies we watch.  I am not saying we should eliminate all the negative influences, but we should understand how that negativity can affect us and that we can gain balance by accentuating the positive.    

We are good.  We need to show our good nature and good will to others and we will all be better for it.