Low or No Cost Steps

  1. Change attitude of government officials, teachers and students to be pro-business, pro-profit, and pro-free enterprise.
  2. Tort reform: change to a loser pays system.
  3. Environmental and other regulations: create regulations only when the preponderance of evidence indicates that there is a problem, not could be a problem.
  4. Put a five-year moratorium on new negative business regulations unless there is definite risk of injury or death if regulation is not incorporated.
  5. Give business three strikes to achieve compliance with existing regulations.  (There are so many rules that no small business can even know what the rules are or how to react to them in a way that satisfies the regulators.)
  6. Do not hold businesses responsible for property contamination that occurred before they owned the property or before the contaminate was identified as harmful. 

Low Cost Steps 

  1. Merchants who sell lottery tickets are compensated for the cost of selling tickets.  In like manner,
    1. Compensate business for the cost of collecting sales and use tax.
    1. Compensate business for the cost of collecting state income tax.
  2. Eliminate business entity tax. (Done in 2019 after almost 10 years)
  3. Add money and banking, economics, and business management classes to high school degree requirements.
  4. Allow business owners to deduct business losses from their CT personal income tax.

Costly Steps

  1. Expand and improve the interstate system.  Finish highways that were started in the early 1970s.
  2. Add rail service between Springfield, Bradley Field, Hartford, New Haven, Groton and Kennedy International.
  3. Expand electrical generation and transmission capability in a manner that puts CT’s electric cost at or below the average for the nation.