Covid-19 has shown us that our education system is failing our children.  The children in families that can work from home or have the financial ability to afford tutoring or private school are prospering. All other children are falling behind.  Hundreds of children have not even logged on to their remote learning classes.  

How funds for school are allocated is keeping children from a quality education.  If the money followed the student, we would experience a revolution in education.  Our history of one room school houses has proven that we do not need large centers of education to create brilliant and successful minds.  These large facilities create the opportunity for community spread of diseases.  Smaller facilities can be easily isolated while education continues in other locations.

When parents control the money, they can control the method and location of their child’s education.  Home school, educational co-ops, store front schools with professional educators, enhanced daycare centers, plus many other creative solutions for in person and remote learning will be the result when a free market in education is allowed.  Now is the time to embrace the next generation of learning.