July 17, 2020

School Choice Petition

We need to open schools.  Some parents are afraid, and others are more than ready for schools to open.  The solution is to give parents and guardians a choice.  Give parents or guardians a voucher for the current per-student cost for them to use towards the type of schooling they want for their children, allowing the market to provide appropriate …

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April 15, 2020

Economic Shutdown

The initial shutdown for Covid-19 was regrettable but necessary to allow for the time needed to understand the virus and how to deal with it’s potential threat to life. At that time it was supported by both parties. As the country and state response to the virus started to show success, politics took over. Factual information was clouded and flavored …

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March 27, 2020


The Covid-19 pandemic illustrates the weakness of global and national institutions that operate independently of the people they are intended to support. These institutions start with a noble purpose, but over time they fall under the influence of their individual, corporate and national donors. The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) failed to alert the world of the potential for …

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